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Cross-Culture Public Relations – It’s Not as Easy as It Looks

Every public relations professional dreams of developing a campaign that puts his or her company’s tag line on the lips of the entire world. However, the tried and true rules of continuity, consistency, and even practicality don’t always apply when...

Global Village: the World is Going and Growing Online

These are interesting times and we can expect that the world is growing smaller all the time as our cross-cultural, cross-language and cross-border interactions become as commonplace as our phone calls and text messaging.

10 Reasons Why Translation and Localization Boost Businesses

Some of the localization and translation benefits for businesses are obvious while others happen to be a bit more subtle. If you’re wondering whether these services are the right ones for your business, here’s a list of 10 ways in...

Get Your Global Plans and Social Media Marketing on the Same Page

Businesses that want to excel and grow understand that a strong social media marketing strategy is a must. They recognize that a dynamic presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms sets the stage for powerful customer experiences. It encourages interactive relationships...

How to Make Your Content Stand Out in a Crowded, Global Marketplace

Building a multi-language content marketing team is a great way to get results when your audience operates in several geographic areas, and its success does not require a big budget. The trick to making it work smoothly is to have...

Do I need translation, localisation or transcreation?

These 3 terms can be confusing, it’s hard to know which is right for your project, but fear not! In this blog, we explain the differences between translation, localisation and transcreation and what type of content they are suitable for.


What Is Transcreation? Is It Different to Marketing Translation?

What is transcreation? A combination of translation and copywriting. It’s a more creative process than marketing translation, though you may have both in the same project. Sometimes there’s more translation, other times there’s more copywriting.

Transcreation can say more than translation alone

Translation services merely copy your message into other languages. There’s little finesse or insight. While individual translators are limited to their professional backgrounds, neural or computer-generated systems cannot capture a living sensibility and can even distort your message with unintended...

Localization and translation to the rescue: How to fix your bounce rate

Good localization and translation are the cornerstone of any global strategy. This is a bold statement, but communicating with customers in their second or third language will limit your potential and increase your bounce rate. Engagement is key. People respond...

Multicultural vs. Multilingual Content Marketing

Multicultural content marketing goes beyond mere translation—and even beyond multilingual content marketing—in helping brands get ahead of the game.

How Fast Food Localization Strategy Has Brought Thunderstorm?

The fast foods have established themselves using Fast Food Localization Strategy. Best of the marketing techniques has brought a worldwide thunderstorm. The latest examples that can be counted is of Tco Bell that was inaugurated in Bangalore. It is the first...

International Marketing Process Steps to Follow

Marketing your brand at a global level is a complicated thing to do since you have to take care of a lot of things. Every business firm want to develop a successful international marketing process, but it is totally a...

Testing the International Waters: How to Succeed with Global E-Commerce

When the history of e-commerce is written by scholars in the future, it will be first and foremost a global story. Beyond the technology that has fueled it — and the convenience it has created for consumers and companies alike...

Translation, localisation and creative translation

Which type of translation is best suited to your texts? Do you need different types of translation for different areas of your website? You can discuss this with your translator or your translation agency contact.

What to Do with Format When You Translate a Website

When you translate a website, the format of the text you send for translation can affect price and quality. This article looks at different options for text format.

Localization for the Asian Market: A Big Challenge

Localization for the Asian market is slightly different and more challenging than other localization services. It is a big challenge because the cultural preferences in the region vary in several aspects. In some cases, for example, slogans for brands from...

Global Media Content Strategy (Part 2) Creative Strategy + Transcreation = Global Media Content

Traditionally, when international media practitioners manage multicultural marketing campaigns, they rely on the combined efforts of the specific account team for the client as well as their location-based creative networks to develop their marketing content. They trust these in-country networks to...

Avoid These Hreflang Mistakes

The Rel=”Alternate” HREFlang=”xx” element is a life saver for global website owners. Especially if you have multiple sites in the same language, and that each site is targeting different country, you’ve got to implement Href Language element in order to...

Capture Global Audience for Ecommerce Website?

Expanding to the international marketplace is often a complicated process and it needs a great deal of thought preparation involving everything that ranges from tweaking your product inventory to adjusting your marketing campaign.

Website Translation, Website Localization and Website Internationalization

Many people new to translation are confused by the terms website translation, website internationalization and website localization. Although each term describes a distinct process for multilingual website projects,translation and localization are often used almost interchangeably. This blog clears up the mystery around these basic concepts.


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