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How To Target Country-Specific Website Traffic

There are many factors that can help you to get country-specific traffic. For example, ShoutMeLoud is a popular blog in India & also globally. I could actually work on targeting more U.S.-based traffic, but whenever I iterate my blogging business plan, I...

Going Global: 22 Growth Hacks & Resources for International Expansion

For a marketer, it’s exciting to see your company grow and transcend the borders of your home country. On the flip side, international expansion can make your job significantly more complex.

Should your international goals vary from your regular goals? How...

Top Ten Biggest International Marketing Mistakes of All Time

Scandinavian vacuum manufacturer Electrolux used the following in an American campaign: "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux". Brian Henderson reviews the biggest international marketing mistakes of all time.

The Essential Guide To Website Localization

Thanks to the Internet, businesses now have access to an almost unlimited market. With more than 3.5 billion Internet users every day, companies can find customers everywhere. CEOs from Bristol to Beijing are rubbing their hands with glee! And CMOs and product...

How Important Is Localization For Your Business?

There is always a cost to doing business, but it doesn’t have to set you back an arm and a leg. 

Many companies fear that localizing their products might cause increased administrative overhead and might slow down the release cycle and...

6 Global Marketing Experts Share Their Strategies for Expanding into Europe

There has been a notable marketing transformation in Europe since 2014—but many European marketers still struggle with their content marketing strategies.

Top Tips on international marketing for Ecommerce sites

The opportunity of marketing internationally is massive, but it is no panacea, and nor is it easy. Make sure to have optimised your efforts in your home market first rather than expanding before your own house is in order. If...

Top 10 Examples of How Global Marketing Is Different From International Marketing

Whether an organization opts for international marketing or international marketing is, in any case, company management’s decision. Ultimately, the chosen marketing strategy should match the organization’s vision, mission, brand policy and operational structure. For sure, an organization should reach a...

Best practice for presenting languages

When presenting links to content in different languages, consider the following: Always use the name of the language in its local format. If you’re linking to pages in German and Chinese, label them as ‘Deutsch’ and ‘中文’ — not ‘German’ and ‘Chinese’.


Never use flags for language selection

There many things to consider when making a multilingual website. Many websites use language switchers to make it more visually. However flag icons are a bad option for language navigation. I explain you which is the best option to solve...

Why flags founder for multilingual website navigation

Flag icons are a bad choice for language navigation within websites. We explain why, and look at some better options, in the first of our series on multilingual website design.

How to Translate the Language Selector on Your Website

The other day, don’t ask me how I managed to, I ended up on the Arabic version of a multilingual website. However, since I don’t speak Arabic, I was unable to find the information that I was looking for...


Language or locale? Language selector menu best practices

Since any locale involves two elements (language and region) ideally you should find a way to include both pieces of information.

A web of trouble: Why Google Translate and website translation don’t mix

While a keyword such as “budget hotel” may bring a hospitality business success in their home country, it’s unlikely that a literal translation will work in a different market. Auto-translated keywords won’t do you any good.

Designing a language switch: Examples and best practices

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know when it comes to designing a language switch for your application or website, including some examples and best practices.

Why Google Translate is Not Safe for Business Use

Other than the fact that the Spanish-speaking audience is keen on poor translation and will associate that with your brand’s reputation, Spanish is an intricate language that requires a professional to catch all the linguistic nuances. The smallest change in...

Web design, with the world in mind: a guide to website internationalization

You may well be thinking about local markets in the short-term, but if your business takes off in a big way, your website should appeal to everyone, everywhere. Think global.

Tito’s, Irobot and extreme on taking websites global

When the company began the move away from local websites, there wasn’t the uproar one might expect. “They were for the most part happy with it,” MacLeod said. “The German team asked us to take down the link to the...

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Global E-Commerce

It’s not difficult to identify the merits of going global, and missing out in the wider online audience will likely mean missing out on an enormous opportunity to take your business to the next level.

Designing for Translation: 5 Tips to Get Your Projects Global-Ready

Simple design is beautiful design. But when there’s not enough info in your ad—be it textual or visual—there’s less there to help a translator to understand your message and translate it appropriately.

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