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Benefits of a multilingual website

The main goal of a multilingual site is to improve communication organisation behind the site and its visitors. This is especially relevant when the target groups of a website do not know English very well.

Five Reasons Your Global Marketing Is Failing (and How to Fix It)

To optimize your conversions, you've put a lot of effort into fine-tuning your marketing for your home market. Though merely translating your website and marketing materials into another language can win you a few new customers, in most cases you'll...

Adopt a Complete Global Marketing Solution

Customers, wherever they are in the world, expect a consistent experience from brands. The good news for global marketers is that by providing this consistency, they can also achieve efficiency and cost benefits for their businesses.

The 3 Keys to International Brand Management

Globalization has changed the way we do business by forcing business owners to always look internationally for new customers. The Internet only amplified this effect, and now the world’s biggest brands can be found in several different countries, languages, and...

5 Ways to Get Your Small Business Booming in New International Markets

International selling presents businesses with huge opportunities to grow their operations. By nurturing international partnerships, optimizing shipping and services and connecting with local resources, small businesses can successfully expand their global footprint.


The international marketing environment comes with many uncertainties and issues. We will examine such challenges that impact international marketing communications, as cultural, language and societal Issues, economic, legal and political.

Marketing Translation for a German Audience w/ Marion Rhodes

Marion Rhodes is a German expatriate who moved to the United States in 2001. She is a trained journalist, a bilingual translator and copywriter, and a cross-cultural advisor.As the proprietor of Integrated MarCom Translations, Marion helps businesses expand their brands across the...

Diane Wang: Digital Platforms; Anti-globalization has already lost

“Trade promotes prosperity worldwide. Between 1990 and 2014, world trade increased about five fold and global per capita income grew by nearly 250 percent. This had a very real and positive effect on people’s lives: half a billion people have...

Why globalization isn't it in retreat, it's gone digital

Around the world, countries are rethinking the terms of engagement in global trade. This is not all bad; in fact, acknowledgement of globalization’s disruptive effects on millions of advanced-economy workers is long overdue. But new trade policies must be based on...

5 Things To Consider When Expanding Your Business

When you run an online store or your business has a significant online sales component, expanding into global markets may seem simple, especially if your website already gets lots of international traffic. Sometimes expanding into international markets is a fantastic...

How to approach international clients

If you want to reach this new audience, you have to make sure that you can convey the same message across linguistic and culture barriers. If you’re already using an online platform (a website, online shop, forums, directories, etc.) to sell...

How to Become a Global-First Company

To become a global company, you have to globalize every aspect of your business. This means every function within the company, and the people, process, and technology within that function.

4 tips for gathering multilingual SEO keywords

When it comes to achieving global reach in existing and emerging new markets, most organizations look to translate their web content into the target language. According to Statista in 2015, the top five common languages on the Internet were: English, Chinese, Spanish...

Going International: Cross-Border Ecommerce

Many businesses are looking to expand through cross-border ecommerce, although some are hesitant to make the jump into international markets. By taking a look at the benefits and the projected growth of cross-border ecommerce, the decision becomes easier at your...

5 signs that you need to localise your product

Localisation means creating a presence and modifying your branding so that you can form relationships with potential customers in other countries. It requires cultural understanding, and a lot of market research.

Expanding into international markets

Establishing a presence overseas may be daunting, but fortunately, you do not have to go it alone. There are numerous resources, public and private, that can provide your company a wealth of information and support when you decide to go...

7 Things to Know About International Social Media Marketing

You may populate Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at the moment – you maybe have branched out further to YouTube, Pinterest and Google+ as well – but some countries do not have access to these social media channels or have their...

Global And Local: Getting It Right

While much of the customer experience is local, people and information easily cross borders. A billboard might be stationary, but a cellphone photo of it can travel the world. Read how Microsoft adapt their products and marketing to get it...

3 hiring hacks for scaling an international success in your local market

The expectation that teams will be able to immediately replicate success in international expansion is often at odds with the realities of complex and unique markets. With these three tips you can avoid the most common mistakes and hit the...

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