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International Closure Experiences and UX: An Interview with Joe Macleod

The concepts of user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) are foundational to the way products and content are designed, created, and managed. And further, putting the customer and their experience at the center of the model is a paradigm...


For Many Retailers, the Lure of Cross-Border Ecommerce Is Profit

Per a 2017 Pitney Bowes survey of consumers in 12 countries, 70% of online buyers made a purchase from a foreign site in 2017, up 6 percentage points from the year before.

In turn, retailer confidence is up. Half of retail...


Best Website Localization Examples – Coca Cola, Amazon & McDonalds

Looking at these examples, you might have understood that in order to appeal to the local tastes of the audience, these brands changed and modified their websites, keeping the target culture in mind. Depending on the culture, language, slangs, color...


Globalization's Impact in Advertising

Globalization has increased dramatically in the early 21st century. More companies have expanded beyond domestic borders in the race for new customers, new money and new sources of capital. Globalization in business significantly affects a company's advertising strategy and the...


Global Social Media — Getting Your Campaign Right

One of the biggest changes that social media has brought to marketing campaigns is that it has made companies feel much more “real” to people. Individuals now want to be able to interact with companies, so while you may launch...


How to Build an International SEO and Content Team from the Ground Up

Though emerging markets’ growth rates have been slowing in countries like Brazil and China, global content production has drastically increased. According to a recent study from PQ Media, global content services business increased 14.4 percent the first half of 2015, and...


Why you should sell internationally during the holidays

If you’re not selling overseas during this year’s holiday season, you’re missing out. 

Ecommerce sales in the US alone are expected to jump 16.6% during the 2017 holiday season, motivated by increases in mobile commerce and the intensifying online battle between large...


Market Finder by Google - Find Your Next Global Business Opportunities

Create your global business plan using detailed market insights. How do your potential customers use the internet? What’s their disposable income? Market Finder recommends the best market for your business, and gives you all the insights you need to research...


International Marketing Environment

One of the fundamental steps that needs to be taken prior to beginning international marketing is the environmental analysis. The very specific and unique nature of each individual nation needs to be looked into. Below we consider the nature of an international...


International SEO: How to Optimize Your Website for Other Countries

If your website is focused on a global audience, you've probably spent some time thinking about the best ways to organize and optimize your site for different countries.

There are several important decisions you need to make when bringing your content...


Creating global digital experiences for local audiences

A rise in the demand for international products, teamed with the shift towards digital commerce and the growth of worldwide shipping, has removed the physical borders of global trade.  As such, implementing a digital experience relevant to different audiences around the...


Top 10 Chinese brands: Tencent leads as brands grow 23% in a year

Brands are pursuing the ‘Chinese Dream’, growing total brand value by a record 23% to $683.9 billion in the WPP 2018 BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands ranking.

The report indicates that Tencent holds firm as China’s most valuable brand...


Five Trends Shaping the Future of Global Marketing

- Preferred customer acquisition strategies for brands doing business outside of the US

- Barriers brands are facing in providing a great web experience for their global customers

- What’s driving the unstoppable rise of international marketing and spend in language services and...


Implementing An International Sales Strategy

What global business boils down to is the ability to prioritize your global initiatives while allocating the time, talent, and resources to the project. Expecting that there will be hiccups along the way is essential to the global sales strategy...


Blueprint for Success: Selecting Technologies To Manage Global Content

Are you confused about the many options for managing global content between your content management system, marketing automation platform, and translation technology? And most importantly, are you concerned about the impact on the user experience for both the content manager...


How to Market Your App Internationally [Infographic]

With each passing year, the Web has become more multilingual. According to Internet World Stats, 804 million people use the Internet in Chinese, and 337 million people use it in Spanish.

So if you've spent time and money building a mobile app...


10 No-Fail Techniques for Selling Online Internationally

It’s a brave new world these days: new markets are opening up and e-commerce has made it possible to be in DesMoines while buying Costa Rican coffee beans or designer handbags from Paris. The consumer is one winner in this...


Are You on WeChat Yet?

While most social media apps tend to focus on doing one thing really well, WeChat is a one-stop shop. It gives users the ability to do almost everything from e-commerce and social networking, to banking and travel bookings.

Due to its...


A Guide to Globalization: Localization and Translation Tools

In order to create content that will resonate with a multinational audience, companies must take care to localize it to meet the cultural, geopolitical, and educational needs of the audience at hand. You'll not only need to strip away confusing...


International Ecommerce Issues: How to Diagnose Global Barriers with Analytics

Growing internationally hinges on localization. But diagnosing what challenges are barriers to global growth can be a challenge unto itself.

The first step in solving international ecommerce issues is identifying them through analytics. Afterall, the only way to solve a problem is to...