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Global Transcreation Set to Transform International Marketing

Transcreation offers an in-depth, creative spin for branding, marketing and publicity content whether online or in print. Industry-specialisation transcreation experts understand the cultural nuances that fall short in literal translation. They understand the source copywriter’s intended purpose and know how...


International SEO for Baidu: 9 website localization tips

In addition to Google, Yandex and Baidu are two search engines you need to focus on if you want to reach a truly global audience. With Yandex, Russia’s primary search engine, you typically need to adapt your website. With China’s...


Why Copywriting Is a Key Part of Marketing Translation

Businesses need marketing copy to be persuasive, so they can sell their products. How can copywriting skills improve marketing translation services?


40 Facts About French


from The Story of French by Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoît Nadeau


Reducing Localization Costs with Economies of Flow

It's no surprise that most localization outsourcers pursue economies of scale to drive cash savings. One way is to give vendors more work and look for discounts, but long term, this can backfire when it has a negative impact on...


Localization Services: How Culture Affects Graphic Design

In many cases, the branding of a company or organization may need to go through certain visual refinements or overhauls, depending on the culture of a particular marketplace. In this blog are examined the complex topic of graphic design changes...


What Marketers Need to Know About Translation and Localization

Marketers know the importance of understanding current trends and being able to separate effective tactics from trendy buzzwords. What about translation and localization? You might be wondering just how vital these are and how top marketers are integrating them into...


The 8 Essential Website Translation and Localization Best Practices

A number of the companies profiled in this report have supported localized websites for more than a decade. Over these years, a number of website translation best practices have emerged — best practices that every company can benefit from adopting...


Transcreation – use the right words to woo your audience

“Content is king” is a mantra repeated by everyone dealing with marketing. Content marketing is nowadays the best lead generating strategy (see the statistics below) so marketing teams all around the world put much effort in creating good stories. Stories...


How Translating Your Website Content Can Grow Your Online Customers

In the world of SEO and marketing, it’s important to remember that your native language does not reach all demographics. It may be that you are a large corporation operating on a global scale or a small business in a...


Debunking the Korean Search Engine Market Share in 2017

Various sites quote different (some very contrasting) search engine market share figures and the South Korean market is no exception. In this article, we reveal why you should be more careful and selective whenever you encounter search engine market share...


The World’s Most Innovative Countries, 2018

With a predicted 10 billion people by 2040, our planet will need up to 30 percent more energy than today. While we need to generate more energy, we also need to do it in a way that will not damage...


Importance of International Marketing Strategy

U.S.companies have taken notice of the accelerating economic growth in countries across the globe and have put a high priority on profiting from these growth trends. International marketing requires thorough market research because customer needs and preferences can be quite...


Speak your Customers’ Language – The Importance of Localizing International Content

Expanding to a foreign market is incredibly complicated. We’re only scratching the surface of the cross-cultural marketing considerations here, and there are a huge number of fundamental marketing challenges from core positioning to brand or line extensions that you’ll need to work...


8 Things You Must Remember When Scaling An eCommerce Business Globally

Expanding business operations into other countries isn’t as easy as flipping a switch or tweaking the audience demographics for your marketing funnels.

Exchanging goods or services for money across country lines comes with a host of regulatory measures and technical considerations...


Internationalization and Localization Testing: Most Common Types of Defects

Here are the most common defects that QA specialists face while testing the internationalization readiness and quality of localization.


How SEO Translators Can Help You Get More Website Traffic

In a globalised world, there is an ever-greater need for communication. It goes without saying that expanding into new markets can bring new customers. How can your brand reach those lucrative new markets? SEO translators are the solution you need.



What You Should Know About Marketing Translations

You’ve found incredible business success in your local market. Now you’re ready to take your product to the world. You’ve already done your market research. You know which countries are a good market of the products and services that you have...


Ten ways to improve your international marketing strategy

"Made in Britain" is a symbol of quality around the world, so making the most of it should be part and parcel of your marketing campaign if you are promoting your goods and services overseas. Here is explained how to...


Key Challenges Faced in Developing Multilingual Mobile Apps

When talking about business across the globe, one factor that plays a vital role in the business growth is language. As you are already familiar with the fact that not every person on Earth has English as his native language...

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