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How to Start a Business in Australia

To help you out in Australia, at least, we’ve put together a list of the main things you need to sort out when starting a business:


Interview with an Expert Transcreator

You are a global marketer trying to embed your brand in new markets. You keep hearing about transcreation as a way to do this. But when do you use it? How is it different from translation? And why does it...


Multilingual PPC: 10 things you need for a successful campaign

A multilingual PPC (pay-per-click) campaign is a great way to advertise your business on an international scale. Done right, multilingual PPC can be an extremely effective way to market your goods or services in a country where you are relatively...


Launching global websites in the French market

The 103rd Tour de France is well underway, with almost 200 cyclists covering 2,200 miles around France over the course of three weeks. The world’s biggest cycling race is being broadcasted to over 190 countries, attracting millions of viewers both...


How To Generate Online Traffic From International Markets

Since the whole world has gone online, ensuring your business is visible in search engine results pages is the first step to success in any given market.There are many things you can do to optimise your website to improve your...


International ASO Article 3: Execution – Nitty-Gritty Details About Keyword Research, Metadata Submission & Verification for ASO (3/4)

International App Store Optimization (ASO) can be quite complicated, so it is important to know what you are getting yourself into. This is the third article in a four-part International ASO series that walks through the high-level concepts and nitty-gritty...


Product and Service Localization for Web Companies

Many online businesses are refocusing their efforts on adapting their value propositions to reach new markets. China comes out on top in many cases: 710 million Internet users, 656 million mobile web users, 63% e-commerce penetration… it’s no wonder so...


“50 to 70% of Cross-Border Deals Fail Because of Cross Cultural Communication Issues” Interview With Sophie Lechner, an Expert on Internationalization

Half-French and half-Pakistani, she attended an international school before graduating in law in France and the UK. After working in France for a British Company, she moved to the USA 25 years ago to pursue an MBA and stayed to...


The B2B/B2C of Making Global Shipments

Exporting between businesses entails a good, experienced understanding of International Commercial Terms (‘Incoterms®’) that specifies buyer and seller obligations and the place at which those obligations are discharged by each party. At one extreme, beginning with DDP, Delivery Duty Paid...


7 Steps to Make Your Website Appeal to a Global Audience the Right Way

Localization is a necessity if you want to reach markets across borders. However, using machine-based plugins instead of marketing translation services, or including multiple language versions within one site is not the way to reach success. Localization refers to the adaptation of a website...


What Is a Multilingual Website and Why Your Business Needs One

If you want to reach a broader audience, target more locations, or take your business global - a multilingual website is a solution. Find out what languages you should add to your website, the key features of a multilingual website...


SEO Around the World

How is it possible that Google isn’t the most popular search engine? Which social networks are bigger than Facebook? How is SEO different in different countries?

Learn the answers to these questions in this post. Have a nice journey around China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine...


Transcreation: translating and recreating

Sometimes translating a text isn’t enough: you need more than just a copy of the original text in another language, you need a text that is specifically aimed at your target audience and takes into account their different cultural background...


The State of Mcommerce in France and Germany

Germany is the more-developed market, with a higher share of digital sales attributable to mobile and a greater proportion of internet users shopping via mobile device. But France will post higher growth in retail mcommerce sales this year, at 27.0%. In...


Identity creation in China: Realizing strategy through design

Strategic thinking around localization is changing. Creating distinctive concepts, products, or experiences for the local consumer is paramount to create brand loyalists. The effects of success extend beyond China, as creations inside an agile and highly competitive market can offer...


6 Bad Brand Names in China: Lessons from Intertextuality

At first glance these 6 brand names look terribly wrong but upon a closer look they are almost all to some degree memorable and associative. Their imperfection may actually come from a difference of sensitivity to intertextuality between Western readers...


How Platform Brands in South-East Asia (SEA) Define Their Brand Positioning: Communicate Your Benefit

As a platform brand, you are uniquely shaped by the characteristic of the business model to be appealing to two (or more) user group. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in determining which target group you should focus on as the...


How Platform Brands in South-East Asia (SEA) Define Their Brand Positioning: Your Target Matters

In this article, we will take you through 4 guiding principles for action to better define your brand positioning to your target audience and showcase examples of how some platform brands in SEA define and express their brand positioning into...


Want Your Startup to Dominate the World? Start Thinking Globally -- Now.

It’s common knowledge that the world is growing smaller and smaller every day and this movement could not be more true than in the business world. While running a small business is already a massive undertaking, the need to think...


Localising Your Offering for the American Market

Localisation is the process of adapting a product or content to meet the language, cultural and other requirements of a specific locale or target market. So clearly, the translation of your copy into American-English is certainly a key step in...