This week in international marketing: Mistakes In Cross-Border Commerce | Business Between Eastern & Western Cultures | Customer Service for Germany | Digital Marketing in China

by Julia Litvin

1. 12 Common Mistakes When Selling Across Borders 

Doing something for the first time is never easy. Before emerging technologies had accelerated growth rates, it was common practice to have an apprentice/mentor relationship when experimenting or simply growing your knowledge within an industry.

The rate at which technology is enabling growth is creating new, innovative ways of connecting with consumers almost every day.

But, while technology changes the channels and touch-points that merchants and consumers connect in, the underlying foundations remain the same.

Here are two pros and cons to this shift:

1. Fortunately, foundations have taught us a lot, and in many cases have standardized strategies and tactics that any merchant should consider when selling globally. 

2. Unfortunately, many merchants still make simple, yet critical mistakes that hinder the growth of their business when launching internationally.

In this article you can find 12 common mistakes that merchants make when engaging in cross-border commerce:

Source: 12 Common Mistakes When Selling Across Borders

2. Conducting Business Between Eastern and Western Cultures: What to Keep in Mind?

When expanding into a new business environment, companies must calibrate their business models and modify their core structure to align with local market mandates to appeal to the end consumers. As companies in the West look to the East for business opportunities, it is imperative for business executives to not just master the language of the country where they intend to expand into, but they should have an in-depth understanding of the country’s culture. According to the Goldman Sachs Next 11 Report, six of the eleven countries with the most potential to become the world’s largest economies are Asian countries, suggesting that Asia may be the continent with the most potential to expand business into. Understanding the differences in business conduct between East and West, as well as gaining a deep insight into specific Asian markets is essential for Western companies wanting to expand their business into Asian countries.

Source: Conducting Business between Eastern and Western Cultures: What to Keep in Mind?

3. How to Adjust Your Customer Service for Germany 

If you're running a company out of the US, you're probably used to customer service in many different industries. When you go to restaurants, hotels, or even hair salons, you have expectations about what service should be like. Consumers are placing those same expectations on the companies that they buy products and services from, and your SaaS or IT company isn't exempt. Now, the trick is to realize the various customer needs of German consumers, if you want to be successful in launching your business in the market here. Planning and strategizing your customer service can lead you to being more successful in a foreign market, because it ensures that you understand what it takes to make your target audience happy and coming back for more.

Source: How to Adjust Your Customer Service for Germany

4. How to get started with Digital Marketing in China 

China: it's the market everyone wants a piece of.  With over 1.5 billion people, your target market is here, even if you aren’t. But, entering the market doesn’t make it just start raining money.

Chinese consumers are bombarded by businesses that want them, both homegrown and foreign.  For your business to get a piece of the pie, you need to come in with a well thought out, meticulously researched plan.

No one is saying it's easy.  But any demographics report will tell you how much your bottom line could benefit.

These 8 tips will get you heading in the right direction and ready for marketing to a Chinese audience.

Source: How to get started with Digital Marketing in China

This was our 'best of the week'. Next week we will continue to provide you with the interesting and current news on digital globalization, culture, language, localization and international digital marketing.

Stay tuned.

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