This week in international marketing: Marketing Technology 2017 | Translating for Global Audience | Content Marketing Localization | Cultural Differences For American Entrepreneurs | Mobile App's Localization

by Julia Litvin

1. Translating Your Message for a Global Audience: An Interview with Myriam Siftar

A global audience brings new challenges to communication, and automated translation can only get you so far. 

Here you can find the discussion of the current state of the translation's industry with Myriam Siftar, the President and Founder of the language services provider with expertise blending language, culture and technology. She is explaining in depth the advantages of robust, human translation.

Source: Translating Your Message For A Global Audience: An Interview With MTM LinguaSoft President Myriam Siftar

2. Localization is the Key to Going Global with Content Marketing 

Truly localizing content generally requires significant attention to cultural nuances, brand consistencies, and the unique demands of audiences. Effective collaboration among cross-border content specialists is another piece of the puzzle.

Many companies have trouble even getting close to that goal. After all, content marketing begins as a challenging endeavor, and the complexity only grows as marketers try to scale and adapt white papers, ebooks, and other content efforts for new audiences.

Source: Localization is the Key to Going Global with Content Marketing

3. The New Technologies Marketers Intend to Use in 2017

The people at marketing automation software vendor Marketo conducted research to look at ‘newer’ technologies and what their effect will be for marketers. 

US marketers are more pessimistic about the impact of new touchpoints on their engagement with customers, with 48% saying they are excited compared to 62% of international marketers As the infographic below indicates there are significant differences between the US and the rest of the world, both with regards to expected consumer adoption and the plans to include the different types of marketing technology in marketing strategies for 2017.

Source: The new technologies marketers intend to use in 2017

4. 3 Most Common Ways American Entrepreneurs Are Culturally Blind

Despite the fact that American companies have been "global" for a very long time now, so many people today inside companies still misperceive and misunderstand cultural differences.  

Because of cultural blindness, companies misperceive intent, overlook potentially great managers and leaders, and fail to leverage the potential of the foreign-born "human capital" right under their nose.

Source: 3 Most Common Ways American Entrepreneurs Are Culturally Blind

5. Nine Things to Think About When Localizing Your Mobile App

Mobile app localization is way more than just translating the interface. By taking the time to properly plan and execute internationalization, testing, and ASO, as well as work with qualified linguists with app localization experience, your app should be ready to make a worldwide splash.

Source: Nine Things to Think About When Localizing Your Mobile App

This was our 'best of the week'. Next week we will continue to provide you with the interesting and current news on digital globalization, culture, language, localization and international digital marketing.

Stay tuned.

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