This week in international marketing: Local Thinking of Global Brands | Engaging Global Content | Driverless Cars & Multicultural Marketing | Domain Extension for International Web Properties | Why Localize Your Website

by Julia Litvin

1. How Global Brands Are Thinking Local 

Today’s world is unmistakably and increasingly interconnected, as growing Internet access, travel and trade accelerate the integration of global markets and the worldwide exchange of ideas, information, people and products. But with globalisation comes an opposite, if not equal, reaction. “In a globalised world, there will inevitably be many similar trends across the globe. And these, in turn, will generate opposition in the form of localisation, as people try to assert their own identity, which is only natural,” observed Mr Yanai — chairman, president and chief executive of Fast Retailing, parent company of Uniqlo. “In order to do business anywhere, we need to have a firm grasp of what it means to be global and what it means to be local.”

Source: How Global Brands Are Thinking Local

2. How Driverless Cars Foretell the Future of Multicultural Marketing

No matter where on the planet they may be, passengers of the driverless cars of the future are going to have plenty of free time to read your brand’s content. Are you ready to embrace new tools and redeploy resources to reach them?

On a deeper level, the self-driving car is more than a mere strategic play for your multicultural marketing bandwidth in the new global context; its projected arrival is a prism through which to view your overall marketing operations.

Source: How Driverless Cars Foretell the Future of Multicultural Marketing

3. 7 Tips for Creating Engaging Global Content 

The concept of globalizing a brand or product is no longer a new one, so why does it remain so elusive?  Because it is far from straightforward.  To get it right, consumers and readers around the world need to be able to interact with your brand.  

In this article you can find some tips.

Source: 7 Tips for Creating Engaging Global Content

4. How to Choose a Domain Extension for Your International Web Properties  

Many ecommerce or content websites with mass appeal have a global audience, even if they are intending to focus on just one country. However, depending on your product or content you might want to go the extra step and intentionally target international users. The decision to focus your site on an international audience is a big leap forward and there are many logistic and technical complexities to work through.

In addition to issues around language choices and translations, there are also some big SEO and brand requirements, including exactly what domain to use for your international presence.

Source: How to Choose a Domain Extension for Your International Web Properties

5. Why Localize Your Website?  

What are the takeaways for companies hoping for lightning-level success in their target markets?   

First, carefully analyze audience potential in markets showing budding interest in your company. These metrics can be teased out through SEO and PPC keyword research, as well as by reviewing analytics data and competitor presence in each market.

Second, don’t focus on translation alone. Applying the right SEO and bolstering your marketing efforts in new languages with localized paid media and social media campaigns can make the difference between shining a new spotlight on your brand or leaving a light on when nobody knows to visit.

Source: Why Localize Your Website?

This was our 'best of the week'. Next week we will continue to provide you with the interesting and current news on digital globalization, culture, language, localization and international digital marketing.

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