This week in international marketing: Keywords Translation | International Retail | Multilingual UX | Mobile Marketing

by Julia Litvin

1. Don’t Let Your Keywords Get Lost in Translation 

Reaching global customers is the fastest way to boost sales and increase engagement, so to expand your reach, you need to first consider how consumers will search for your products and services, across multiple channels, in several regions, countries, and languages.

Source: Don’t Let Your Keywords Get Lost in Translation

2. The 4 Things Every Retailer Needs to Know Before Going International

In the middle of May, 2018 Retail (R)Evolution hosted by Pitney Bowes explored how global e-commerce is evolving, and NMPi’s CEO, Luke Judge, was there to share his expertise on cross-border marketing along with Feng Chang from Rue La La and Jodi Goldberg from Google.

The panel session highlighted four key themes, delving into the strategies that every international retailer should know for building successful cross-border marketing campaigns.

Source: The 4 Things Every Retailer Needs to Know Before Going International

3. 5 Tips For Managing A Multilingual Experience 

A whopping 75% of the internet’s 3 billion users don’t speak English, according to Internet World Stats. And 56% of those users say having content in their native language is more important to them than price.

Indeed, according to Common Sense Advisory, to reach even half of the people online today, companies must offer content in at least four different languages. That means creating multilingual user experiences is now a requirement for today’s enterprises.

Of course, most large global companies have deployed a variety of technologies to help them author, translate, review, publish, and maintain their content and websites—but technology is only one part of the story. What other challenges do organizations face when managing multilingual user experiences?

Source: 5 Tips For Managing A Multilingual Experience

4. International Mobile Marketing Trends in 2018

This year 2018 has brought new international mobile marketing trends in the industry that every brand should know to gain a competitive edge in today’s market. If you want to stay ahead in the game, you must pay attention to the following list published in this article by Entrepreneur.

Source: International Mobile Marketing Trends in 2018

This was our 'best of the week'. Next week we will continue to provide you with the interesting and current news on digital globalization, culture, language, localization and international digital marketing.

Stay tuned.

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