This week in international marketing: International SEO | Sell in a Global Market | Diagnose Global Barriers with Analytics | 7 ’Tudes of International Expansion |

by Julia Litvin

1. International SEO: Listen to the Expert 

Growing your business internationally is a natural step in the life of your company and surely one that keeps you awake at nights. To achieve that goal, using the Internet is often your golden ticket to grow global, but do not rush into it before having defined an international Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Charlotte Prieur, Digital Marketing Consultant and a Beeleever, develops further on this essential problematic that only seasoned marketers take into account…

Source: International SEO: Listen to the Expert

2. Learn How to Sell in a Global Market

Taking advantage of international business opportunities requires a thorough understanding of the language and culture. But there are other concerns multinational companies face as well. While language and culture can be a barrier to global sales, the complexities of selling in a global market reach far beyond correct translations. Selling in a global market is more than just having a viable product and being willing to log some air miles. Just because your company has found a consumer society that looks like a good fit for your products, doesn’t mean you’re ready for international business opportunities.

Source: Learn How to Sell in a Global Market

3. International Ecommerce Issues: How to Diagnose Global Barriers with Analytics

One of the main benefits of the Internet is its ability to reach anyone, anywhere in the world. In fact, any enterprise ecommerce brand that truly wants to grow needs to carefully consider international markets.

Unfortunately, the challenges to international ecommerce are notoriously difficult. Cultural diversity, the need to sell in multiple currencies and language, payment preferences, tax laws, and government regulations all create issues not easily overcome.

To do that, let’s examine the most-common challenges to international ecommerce as well as how to overcome them …

Source: International Ecommerce Issues: How to Diagnose Global Barriers with Analytics

4. Does Your Company Have What It Takes to Go Global? 

To help companies identify and review the internal capabilities they’ll need to succeed internationally, four professionals in Global Marketing, professors Richard Ettenson, Martin S. Roth, Seigyoung Auh and a global executive Douglas Quackenbos, developed a diagnostic tool that can reveal a firm’s strengths and weakness in each of seven areas — what they call the “seven ’tudes of international expansion” that their research shows are critical to overseas success. 

These include the firm’s “attitude” (prioritization of global expansion); “aptitude” (knowledge and skills); “magnitude” (ability to align opportunities with capabilities); “latitude” (ability to adapt); “rectitude” (legal and ethical practices); “exactitude” (tolerance for uncertainty); and “fortitude” (commitment to global initiatives).

Source: Does Your Company Have What It Takes to Go Global?

This was our 'best of the week'. Next week we will continue to provide you with the interesting and current news on digital globalization, culture, language, localization and international digital marketing.

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