This week in international marketing: Global SEO | Internationalization & Localization of YouTube | English in Content Marketing | German vs American

by Julia Litvin

1. How to integrate SEO into the translation process to maximize global success 

When expanding internationally, there is a common misconception that SEO, and in particular technical SEO, should be done once the website has been built. 

However, by implementing any SEO recommendations after a website has been translated, there could be extensive rework which will delay a website launch and impact on budgets. There are also some aspects in a site’s infrastructure that are essential to optimize in advance to avoid extensive rework later. So, how do you go about building this into the translation process?

Source: How to integrate SEO into the translation process to maximize global success

2. How To Internationalize & Localize A YouTube Channel 

Do you want to enhance your YouTube channel by acquiring global audience?

Have you intended to gain the continuous engagement for the channel?

Have you ever tested the results of getting huge channel traffic through simple strategy?

Every creator either expert or startup wants to improve their YouTube channel performance by holding the millions of fans or subscribers. It can only be possible by making strategies for obtaining the attention of the global audience that helps to improve the channel revenue.

Source: How To Make A YouTube Channel Internationalization & Localization

3. Ex-Pats Talking About the Use of English in Content Marketing 

Doug and Kelly quickly jump on an interesting topic that most American marketers don’t think about, the acceptable use of the English language in Content Marketing. If you are like their team, getting out of the states is not a regular occurrence and interacting with anyone from another language or country can be a difficult task. As Doug notes, they have become so self-centered as Americans that we expect the world to be just like us. 

Because of this, the rest of the world has had to shift the approach to the languages they use, and English becomes the defacto second language. The big question for us is what form of English? 

In this show, Doug Kessler, an American in England, and Kelly Hungerford, an American in Switzerland, discuss the topic of Global Content Marketing with English at the core and several other Ex-Pat topics you won’t want to miss.

Listen to "Ex-Pats Talking About the Use of English in Content Marketing" on Spreaker.

Source: Ex-Pats Talking About the Use of English in Content Marketing

4. German “Digitalisierung” versus American innovation 

Whereas English-speakers have many words for technological progress, Germans have settled on one: Digitalisierung. Too bad.

Source: German “Digitalisierung” versus American innovation

This was our 'best of the week'. Next week we will continue to provide you with the interesting and current news on digital globalization, culture, language, localization and international digital marketing.

Stay tuned.

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