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by Julia Litvin

1. How to Rock your Global Mobile App Business with Localization

According to GSMA Intelligence, there are already more than 4.8 billion unique mobile users worldwide, and over a half of those are located in Asia and Pacific regions. This is a huge number of users, and chances are that the majority of them do not speak your language.

In fact, only about 15% of all the people speak English as a first or second language. App installs hit the record of 25 billion worldwide in Q1 2017, but where do these downloads come from?

Localization has become a vital strategy for any mobile app or game business with the goal to get an access to these outstanding numbers of new customers. You never know where the demand for your product might come from – and without localizing your product there is no proper way to find that out. If you want your app to succeed, localization will become the vital strategy for your business.

Source: How to Rock your Global Mobile App Business with Localization

2. The Digital Divide Between Leaders And Followers In Global Content

The simple adage “think like your customer” might have guided business decisions since the world’s first sale was made, but these four words are charged for companies operating on a global scale. Not only do global brands need to adapt to the rapidly evolving digitization of multiplying customer touchpoints, but in delivering their message, there’s a small caveat: ensuring the customer experience resonates with the multitude of preferences of an international audience. 

Connections between global brands and their customers are deeper than we could have imagined only a few years ago. But as buying behaviors continue to pick up speed, a brand’s race to keep up with existing customers while juggling expansion into new markets is always going to be an issue.

Source: The Digital Divide Between Leaders And Followers In Global Content

3. Companies With Killer Localized Websites + Keys To Localization Success! 

When looking to enter a new foreign market, website localization is key to success. Websites are typically a consumers first impression of a brand and without a great website, most potential customers will most likely leave quickly and move on to the competition. Globalization has presented huge opportunities to expand into new markets while the internet has dramatically decreased the barriers to entry. This has also increased global competition and for brands to stand out, they must ensure that their websites are attractive, easy to navigate, informational, and localized to each markets demographic.

Let’s dive into some examples of brands who have done a killer job at localizing their website!

Source: Companies With Killer Localized Websites + Keys To Localization Success!

4. Putting “Culturalization” on the Localization Map [Podcast]

In this week’s episode of the Globally Speaking podcast, Kate Edwards, CEO, Principal Consultant & Geographer at Geogrify LLC, joins our hosts Renato Beninatto and M.W. “Michael” Stevens to discuss best practices in avoiding culturalization mistakes—errors that can lead to severe consequences for localization teams, or even worse. 

Topics include:

- The definition of culturalization. How does it differ from translation, localization and internationalization? 

- How do you define the term “domain tailoring”? 

- Is it impossible to avoid bias in cultural tailoring? 

- What is the difference between proactive and reactive culturalization? 

- What are the most important takeaways LSPs (and cartographers) need to learn about culturalization? 

- What does all of this mean to you?

Source: Putting “Culturalization” on the Localization Map [Podcast]

This was our 'best of the week'. Next week we will continue to provide you with the interesting and current news on digital globalization, culture, language, localization and international digital marketing.

Stay tuned.

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