This week in international marketing: EF English Proficiency Index | Top Languages for Translation | Global Ecommerce | International Business Audio Book

by Julia Litvin

1. The World's Largest Ranking of Countries by English Skills

The English Proficiency Index (EPI) by EF Education First is a rating of countries according to the average level of English proficiency of their citizens. The EF English Proficiency Index is increasingly cited as an authoritative data source by journalists, educators, elected officials, and business leaders. 

Such data can be quite useful if you want to conduct business abroad or optimize geotargeting on an international website, for example.

Source: The world's largest ranking of countries by English skills

2. Top Languages in Demand for Translation

A common misconception is that, the most spoken languages are by default, the most used languages on the internet, or for that matter, for translation. It isn’t quite the case, since development in the area of science, technology, trade and commerce vary distinguishably in different parts of the world. 

Even so, the degree to which internet is used around the world, also makes a difference while planning to expand your business. 

Source: Top Languages in Demand for Translation

3.Global Ecommerce: Massive Opportunity Ahead For the Borderfree Business

Econsultancy surveyed 500 key decision makers in large organizations and found that 62% of them feel like they’re missing out on lucrative global ecommerce opportunities. 

So what is it that’s holding back even the boldest entrepreneurs, and how can they build a winning global ecommerce strategy? And what are key considerations for going global?

Source: Global Ecommerce: Massive Opportunity Ahead For the Borderfree Business

4. International Business Podcast Audio Book – Lessons From The Road

Listen to this quick audio book on global business. It’s filled with one-liners that can help you in your next international business venture.

Source: International Business Podcast Audio Book – Lessons From The Road

This was our 'best of the week'. Next week we will continue to provide you with the interesting and current news on digital globalization, culture, language, localization and international digital marketing.

Stay tuned.

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